Come and learn various styles Beyond Dancing has to offer.
There are many programs for all ages, from adults to children, beginner to competitive dance levels.
Latin and Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop are just a step away.
Come experience the fun, friendly atmosphere at Beyond Dancing.


Sarasota Dance Lessons , Lakewood Ranch Dance Lessons & More

Take Dance Lessons Today. All ages and levels in various styles at Beyond Dancing.

From beginner concepts to competitive training. Take lessons in ballroom dance training today.
Ballroom Dance Lessons

Beginner or advanced, have the most fun! Dance Salsa today!
Salsa Dance Lessons

Looking to dance the Waltz? Glide on the dance floor effortlessly as you become an expert.
Waltz Dance Lessons

Sensual, Sexy and Fun is how you can describe the Tango! Start taking lessons today.
Tango Dance Lessons




Ballroom Dance Lessons, Salsa Lessons & More

Come and learn various styles for casual dance training or competitive level coaching.

Want to learn the Foxtrot? You can! From beginner concepts to advanced steps. Learn here.
Foxtrot Dance Lessons

Rumba’s Latin rhythm’s provide for an upbeat experience as you master dancing it.
Rumba Dance Lessons

Bachata has grown into a global phenomenon now as its music and dancers transform it.
Bachata Dance Lessons






Put all your lessons to work at our social dance events. From ballroom socials to night out’s!
Practice Dance Sessions




Children/Teen Dance Programs

Our children and teen dance programs provide a great experience for all children. Discover more!

Ballet is art expressed in movement. Enroll your children today to begin or continue ballet lessons.
Ballet Dance Lessons






Part of the combinations of dance we teach, Tap Dancing is great for your child to master.
Tap Dance Lessons






Fun & upbeat! Your child can learn jazz steps in no time. Discover more by clicking here.
Jazz Dance Lessons

Contemporary Dance add modern music and artistic movements to your child’s dance repertoire.
Contemporary Dance Lessons




Why Choose Us?

We have weekly dance events in both studio locations, and many students form groups and go dancing to local hot spots like 15 South, Sashay, and Mattisons 41. Come and socialize, learn how to dance, and have fun while you do it!

  • Have Fun Dancing
  • Meet New People
  • Relieve Stress
  • Tone Muscles & Lose Weight
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Professional & Certified Instructors

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Send us a brief inquiry email. For all our first time visitors, we will provide you with a FREE introductory class and help you get started. Bring a friend along!



Welcome to Beyond Dancing – Sarasota Dance Lessonsrachel-francisco

Whether you want to dance socially or competitively, Beyond Dancing has the right program for singles and couples of all ages. Unlike the franchised studios, Beyond Dancing studios follow a more flexible yet carefully developed method of teaching that is customized to fit your needs and make you a comfortable dancer in a short period of time. Our team works with a fusion of American and International styles making it easier for the beginner dancer to learn and understand all different styles of ballroom and latin dancing. Our private lessons, group classes, and practice sessions are designed to reinforce the material covered every week.

We get many people that say, “I don’t know how to dance…”Typically, this is from not having enough dance knowledge to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Our dance community will quickly put you at ease and make you feel welcome. From beginners to advanced level dancers, children to seniors, singles and couples alike…SARASOTA DANCE LESSONS ARE TRULY FOR EVERYONE

We are located at 7313 International Place and at 5660 Swift Road . The Lakewood Ranch Studio also offers piano lessons, music lessons and more.