Annual Dance Recital

Profesionally Directed

Our annual dance recital offers our students a professionally directed performance and gives them the opportunity to present their families and friends the culmination of a year’s hard work and dedication.

Performance Opportunities

An integral part of dance training is learning through performance opportunities. They can most definitely help some students prepare for a potential career in dance; however, they also assist in building strength of character, self confidence, and improved social skills on and off the dance stage.

Determination & Self Discipline

The actual performance is just a small aspect of the learning experience. The rehearsal process helps develop a strong sense of determination and self discipline in addition to retention skills and positive aspects team work to create the best possible end result.


Planning and preparation for our annual dance recital starts at the beginning of the dance year, but students do not begin to learn choreography until the beginning of Spring to allow our dancers ample time for technique and theory.


Recital costumes are purchased for each dance class your child is enrolled in with the exception of Leaps & Turns and Cecchetti. Please let us know by November if your dancer is not participating in the recital to avoid a costume charge. All costume fees are non-refundable and are due November 1st. Distribution of costumes occurs mid-April around picture day.

  • Tiny Stars (ages 3-4): $64.20
  • Kinder Stars (ages 4-6): $64.20
  • Rising Stars (ages 6-8): $74.90
  • Level Classes I-IV: $85.60
  • Competition Team: $85.60

Costume prices are $10 more if paid after November 1st to cover rush shipping * Fees include tax

All recital participants are required to purchase a recital t-shirt for our recital finale for $20 which includes a recital ticket.

Our annual recital is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd at 3pm at Braden River High School Auditorium. Tickets are sold starting May 1st for only $15 general admission  or $20 for priority tickets. This helps offset expenses for the rental of the auditorium, professional lighting and sound technicians, programs, displays, and other recital necessities.

Students and volunteers do not need a ticket to attend. Tickets sold at the door are $25 so be sure to get your tickets early.