Young Children’s Dance Classes

2017 –2018 Schedule of Classes – August 14th to May 26th

Tiny Stars (ages 3 – 4)

Ballet & Tumbling

Our Tiny Stars program is designed for our youngest kids of dancers. Creative movement, basic acrobatics, and basic dance steps are our fundamental purpose at this age. Young children are encouraged to express themselves creatively while learning proper dance techniques and improving their strength and flexibility through movement.Kinder Stars (ages 4 – 6)






 Kinder Stars  (ages 4-6)

Combo Classless  Jazz-Tap, Ballet-Tumbling, Mini Hip Hop.

Our Kinder Stars program expands on our youth fundamentals of creative movement, basic dance knowledge and terms, as well as the introduction to specific dance styles such as jazz, tap, ballet, circus/aerial, and acrobatics. These classes are typically structured in a combo format to give your dancer a fun class experience all the while improving their strength and flexibility through dance technique.

kids in dance recital in Sarasota, Lakewoodranch, Bradenton, LWR,SRQ,Fl,Florida Jazz-Tap, Ballet-Tumbling, Mini Hip Hop.



Rising Stars (ages 6 – 8)

Combo Classes  Circus-Aerial-Tap, Ballet-Tumbling, Jazz-HH-Triple Threat.

Our Rising Stars program is designed to introduce our young dancers to different disciplines of dance. Combo classes are typical at this age level to help our young dancers explore a variety of movements and skills. This freedom of exploration through movement paves the way for a fun world of dance.




kids in group classes in Sarasota, Lakewoodranch, Bradenton, LWR,SRQ,Fl,Florida,Circus-Aerial-Tap, Ballet-Tumbling, Jazz-HH-Triple Threat.




It’s never too late to give your child the gift of dance, inquire about our most current schedule of classes.