The Two-Part Totally Tango Playlist

Born near the border of the Argentina and Uruguay in the 1890’s was a dance called the Tango. This sensual dance has brought couples together to perform synchronized movements in small clubs and on small dance floors for many years to come. This dance has become a well-known and widely danced routine, leaving many dancers […]

Forty Foxtrot Tracks For Practice or Performance

Harry Fox created the Foxtrot for his vaudeville act, all the way back in 1914. The dance has come a long way since then, and generation after generation made the dance even better. It is a smooth dance made up of consistent, flowing movements performed throughout the world for leisure and competition. Here are forty […]

Top Ten Dance Movies Of All Time

Grab the popcorn! If you happen to have a night off from dance class, cozy up on your couch for a dance movie marathon. Here are the top ten dance movies of all time, based on pure danciness of course! (not objective movie quality). 10. Honey  You’ve got Jessica Alba, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine AND Jadakiss. […]

Twelve Things Great Dancers Do Differently

We all know someone that’s a good dancer. Not just good – but great. Someone who is an inspiring role model to you and your own dancing; how did they get so good at what they do? No need to spend any more time wondering. Great dancers get that way by doing things differently. Their […]

Is Dancing a Natural or Learned Talent?

Nature versus nurture, the age-old debate that is discussed about all aspects of life has some way found itself in the midst of dancing. Many dancers and admirers frequently ask, is being a good dancer a natural talent? Or is it something that with enough effort and practice can be learned? Let’s take a brief […]

A New Dancer’s Guide to Ballroom Shoes

You just signed up for your first ballroom dance class, congrats! – you are going to love it! But now you have to find something to wear. . . on your feet. While for your first few lessons it is acceptable to wear street shoes, dancers with long-term plans should buy more professional and functional […]

Merging Dance and Your Career

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Many dancers love the art so much they question whether or not they can continue to dance as a career as opposed to just a hobby. However, they often don’t realize how many dancing careers exist. It is a […]

Dancing: Is It A Sport or an Art?

The International Olympic Committee has recognized ballroom dancing as a sport since 1997. However, when you obtain your dance degree it is a Bachelor of Arts. This brings us to an interesting intersection and an ongoing debate. Is dancing a sport or an art? Dancing, no matter what the type, has all the elements of […]

A Peek Inside The World Of Competitive Ballroom Dancing

It all began in the early 20th century, the popularity of ballroom dancing that is. The quick and significant rise of ballroom dancing transformed from recreational to competitive naturally and swiftly. Once the style of dance became widespread and widely performed, it was the next step to find the best of the best. In fact, […]

Five Ballroom Trends That Are Influencing The Catwalk

The popularity of ballroom dancing in recent years is nothing new, but this is – an array of elements from ballroom dancing costumes are beginning to pop up in the fashion world, even on the catwalk and red carpet! With shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” on mainstream […]

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