Ballroom Dancing Is In, Again. Why?

Ballroom dancing isn’t just for your grandparents anymore. It is no longer excluded to weddings and other occassional events. Ballroom dancing, which was once considered boring and outdated, is now exciting, interesting and even cool! Make no mistake about it – ballroom dancing is in. Where did this trend come from and what enabled this […]

Are you a danceaholic?

Yes, it is possible to be a danceaholic. This happens when dancing becomes such a big part of your life; well, you just become addicted to it. If dancing is taking over your life and you think that you could be a danceaholic, here is a way to know for sure – check out these […]

Why Real Men Dance

When did dancing become non-masculine? It’s a recent development in North America uncommon in other parts of the world. In fact, men in a variety of other cultures don’t even think about whether or not that should dance, they just do. Today, men in the North American culture don’t dance or even try to dance. […]

How Dance Lessons Bring Couples Closer Together

Dancing is an activity that brings with it many benefits. It helps us be healthier, lose weight, meet new people and try new things. New studies now show that dance classes have even been linked to making couples closer. Better Communication To effectively learn and perform any given dance, partners must communicate verbally and nonverbally. […]

Dance Shoes

I’m going to my first ballroom dancing lesson, what do I wear?

If you’re attending your first you might be confused or concerned about what the proper attire is. While ballet dancers wear leotards, tights and their hair in a bun, ballroom dancing is much more casual and calls for a different type of attire. While various instructors might have a more specific dress code, in general, […]

Choosing The Right Dance Studio

So you’ve decided to take a dive into the world of ballroom dancing, good choice! Now all you need to do is find the right studio for you. Sometimes selecting a ballroom dance studio or instructor can be difficult and overwhelming. However, a true professional studio will be one that motivates and insures students that […]

Ballroom Dancing Lessons: Group vs. Private

When it comes to ballroom dancing, you will most likely have options when it comes to lessons. You will be able to choose between participating in two different types of lessons: group or private. Each have advantages and disadvantages and the decision is truly up to you and what you believe would provide you with […]

Three Myths of Ballroom Dancing

The popularity of ballroom dancing is increasing across the globe thanks to shows like Dancing With The Stars. Yet there are still a few myths that surround the activity of ballroom dancing. It would be such a shame if these three myths deterred children and adults from exploring all the fun and benefits that ballroom […]

The Benefits of Dance for Children

Are you looking for a way to channel your child’s energy into something fun and beneficial?  I’m sure you’ve looked through books and pages of websites looking for the perfect activity for your child. While traditional activities like joining a sports team are always an option, they may not be the right fit for all […]

Becoming a Professional Dancer

There is something to be said for doing what you love. Ballroom dancers with the motivation and talent have the opportunity to take their dancing hobby and turn it into a professional career. But how do they get from hobby to professional? Start Training Most professional dancers begin their lessons and training at a young […]

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