Practice Makes Perfect…Oops, Practice Makes Progress

Practice, Practice, Practice
The old days of “practice makes perfect” has given way to a new saying…”practice makes progress”. The art of dancing is not only memorizing patterns and techniques; the true beauty comes out in the artistic expression of the dance! Music plays such an integral role in the learning process but so many people tune it out. There are key practices to adopt while in the initial stages of learning. Follow Beyond Dancing’s step by step guide for optimal results:
  1. Start by learning dances that move to music that interests you. This will make the process more enjoyable in the beginning. Once you feel more comfortable with these dances, you can always venture into different styles. You’ll even begin to notice that most components are the same throughout dances, so you will already be at an advantage.
  2. Learn how to move your body. Remember that dancing is just walking in a more graceful fashion. Patterns and techniques are initially shown and demonstrated without timing. Once these techniques are more embedded in muscle memory, the pairing with appropriate music tempos will provide better results.
  3. Remember to practice! Take notes, record visual cues, and listen to your instructors (they want you to succeed and spread the joys of dancing).
  4. Patience…patience…patience! Above all else, be patient with yourself. The expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, didn’t come out of the clear blue sky. Learning how to dance is like every other skill you learn in life. We stumble before we walk, and you most definitely will stumble before you dance. Take your time and enjoy the process. This is a fun journey to embark on. Some of us have been on this journey for most of our lives. Our guarantee to you is a more fun and enjoyable life with increased self awareness and confidence. The list of benefits is endless…

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